Toyota MK5 Supra Wheels (Weld Ventura) t w/ ET street S/S Tires (rear only)
Toyota MK5 Supra Wheels (Weld Ventura) t w/ ET street S/S Tires (rear only)
Toyota MK5 Supra Wheels (Weld Ventura) t w/ ET street S/S Tires (rear only)
Toyota MK5 Supra Wheels (Weld Ventura) t w/ ET street S/S Tires (rear only)
Toyota MK5 Supra Wheels (Weld Ventura) t w/ ET street S/S Tires (rear only)


Toyota MK5 Supra Wheels (Weld Ventura) t w/ ET street S/S Tires (rear only)

From $1,500
The Perfect budget friendly street/strip Drag pack for the A90/A91/G29 Supra and BMW Z4. The Ventura is a modern take on classic WELD design. This Rotary Formed monoblock wheel includes a mirror polish lip with clearcoat and precision-machined side spokes against a gloss black finish. The updated barrel and spoke profile maximize performance brake clearance. Choose between the following set ups,

Product Description: Toyota MK5 Supra Wheels

Upgrade your Toyota Supra MK5 with these affordable MK5 Supra Wheels designed for the street and the strip! These wheels are compatible with both the A90 Supra and the A91 Supra.

The Ventura puts a fresh spin on WELD’s classic wheel design, while Mickey Thompson’s popular ET Street S/S rear tires deliver on both the street and the track.

Let’s get stuck into why this product is better than a stock tire option for your Supra, before exploring the differences between the non-beadlock and beadlock setups.

Why These Are Better Than Supra’s MK5 Stock Tires & Rims

Perhaps you need some convincing to drop $1500 or more on a new set of wheels. There are several reasons why this 17-inch Ventura and ET Street S/S rear tire combination is an improvement on Toyota’s stock tire option.

WELD Ventura 17x10 Wheel

Firstly, Toyota’s stock MK5 Supra wheels are either 18 or 19-inch wheels. Slimming down to a 17-inch wheel and a street-strip tire with a bigger sidewall and more aggressive tire rubber will improve traction and grip.

With this 17x10 WELD Ventura wheel, you can run a bigger tire sidewall that allows for tire flex, which will help your traction on digs. And Mickey Thompson’s ET Street S/S tires are perfect for that.

Specifications and Features

  • 17-inch Rotary Formed monoblock wheel
  • 10-inch rim
  • Load Rating: 1600
  • Precision-machined side spokes
  • Mirror polished lip with clearcoat
  • Gloss black finish
  • Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Tire

    The ET Street® S/S is a high-performance street tire that can do the business on the track. Manufactured by Mickey Thompson, the ET Street S/S is a radial tire with a tried and tested R2 compound produced in fitments ranging from 15 to 20 inches.

    This 17-inch tire is approved for street use by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), yet it doubles up as a fantastic tire on the drag strip. The proven R2 compound provides stunning traction and demands little to no burnout.

    The ET Street S/S has a tubeless construction that saves you from the inevitable hassle and additional costs of tubes. This tire enjoys a stellar reputation around the world and is one of Mickey Thompson’s best-sellers.

    Specifications and Features

  • Tire Size: 305/45R17
  • Section Width: 11.9 inches
  • Tread Width: 10.6 inches
  • Proven R2 Compound
  • D.O.T. Approved
  • Radial construction 
  • Tubeless construction 
  • Non-Beadlock vs. Beadlock MK5 Supra Wheels 

    Race City offers this product in a non-beadlock and beadlock setup, priced at $1500 and $2099 respectively. Both of the 17-inch wheel setups will give your car a more aggressive look. 

    Beadlocks are a mechanical device that function exactly as the name suggests, locking the bead of the tire to the wheel. But they are only necessary in certain situations. 

    Whether you need beadlock wheels depends on the type of driving you do and how hard you like to push it. Since we are discussing a product for the street and the track, we will just be focussing on the latter.

    If you are ready to start pushing harder on the strip, it’s time to consider beadlock wheels to maximize your Supra’s performance. While beadlocks come with a weight penalty, they are essential when putting down high horsepower.

    I recommend wheels with beadlocks if you plan on exceeding 700whp (wheel horsepower). Beadlocks will stop your tires from slipping on the rim when giving it that extra push, allowing you to race harder with confidence.

    Learn More About WELD 

    WELD Wheels is a manufacturer of various, high-performance professional forged wheels, with products for the street, strip, ovals, and more. 

    WELD was founded in 1967 and is currently a subsidiary of MOMO USA. The company makes its racing wheels in Kansas City, Missouri, and is among the industry’s most sought-after wheel manufacturers.

    The Ventura is a stylish Rotary Formed monoblock wheel with a precision-machined 5-spoke design, a mirror polished lip with clearcoat, and a gloss black finish.

    Learn More About Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels

    Mickey Thompson is an American company that manufactures tires for the street and strip, and off-road. Founded in 1963 by the famous hot rodder, auto racing builder, and promoter, the enthusiast brand has a reputation for its record-breaking products.

    Mickey Thompson was acquired by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in 2003, which was itself acquired by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in 2021.

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