Audi R8 Rear DDS Axles Upgrade (DCT) 2014+

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This is a set of axle bars and internal Chromoly parts to upgrade the rear axles for the 2014+ Audi R8 DCT. We have created high-grade internals for both the inner and outer CV’s to be able to put one of our larger 30 spline torsional center bars onto the factory CV’s. Typically the front axles were the main issue with this car, but as the bar has been raised on this platform, so has the need for stronger axles. This kit comes complete with a pair of high-grade Aerospace quality proprietary torsional axle bars, all chromoly races to upgrade the inner and outer CV’s, boots, clamps and grease.

Note – You must send in your factory OEM axles for us to perform this upgrade. Please email us for an RMA number.

Warranty: 1-Year


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