88-00 Honda Civic/CRX or Acura Integra Level X4 Rear Axle Set for AWD Conversion Swap

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After years of making these axles in Custom Lengths with ZERO FAILURES we’ve decided to release them on a production base for the ever-popular All Wheel Drive Converted Honda Civic and Acura Integra. Designed to work with the 88-91 Honda Wagon/Beagle/Shuttle Rear Differential (CRV Differential optional/Larger Spline Outer CV’s Available Also – Please email us) and 23-Spline Outers/Hubs that are commonly used for this conversion. Using our proven 2pc/300m Outer CV Design, 300m Axle Bars, Chromoly Inner CV Housing and 300m Splined Differential Stub. This axle set is Rated at 1300hp plus and comes with a 1yr Warranty.

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